Since 1975, ACCI has been leading the way of developing unique and effective offender programs that successfully address key criminogenic risk factors and lower recidivism rates. We have several program options to choose from within our life skills curriculum.

Adult Self-Directed Cognitive Lifeskills Program

This is a least costly / least intrusive program option that has been proven to reduce recidivism rates. This is one of our most used programs within our life skills curriculum, and has the most research and evidence supporting its success. This option removes common barriers for non participation in programming and puts the responsibility on the individual to complete a course. We have each participant complete the course with a pro-social coach from within their immediate circle of influence. In many cases, putting certain types of offenders together in groups violates the key criminogenic risk factor of pro-criminal associates. This program has been accepted to be listed in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices. Choose from 17 course topics, 5 of which have been translated into Spanish.

Juvenile Self-Directed Cognitive Lifeskills Program

Our one on one approach is an effective way to reach adolescent offenders who often react negatively to various group dynamics and become unable to take full advantage of the content being shared with them. In most cases, a parent, legal guardian or care giver serves as the coach for the teenager to assist them in comprehension, role playing and discussion.

Correctional Facility Program

We have an array of life skills curriculum, and services for jails and prisons of every size and every level of security. Ranging from Inmate Correspondence Program to a license to reprint option to eLearning on tablets.

Self-Directed In House Program

Instead of referring your clients to us, ACCI can provide its life skills curriculum and proprietary program resources including the use of Lifeskills Link to run our programs internally. This option allows agencies to customize programs to their specific population, including the option of using a sliding scale for cost to participants. If your looking for more control over cost and program structure, then the Self-Directed In House program is for you.


ACCI’s robust Learning Managing System provides the opportunity for agencies to have their own portal access to our entire catalog of eLearning courses. This option is ideal for day reporting centers and transitional living sites.